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 The easier to arrive with Google maps navi sat GPS is to choose « Mas des Albères 66700 Argelès sur Mer ».

If your navi sat GPS doesn’t find it just try better one our neighbor « Mas Tastu 66700 Argelès sur Mer » (wich is 500 meters more in the South) or the other neighbor « Mas des Albères  66200 Elne » (wich is 200 meters away more in the North) on the same little tarmac road.

Mas des Albères, where you have booked, is in between both neighbors.

Coordinates: Longitude 3°0’40’’ EAST and Latitude: 42°35’11’’ NORTH.

To arrive without any navi sat GPS:

The easier is to enter and drive anywhere in Argelès sur Mer and to follow PLAGES or PLAGES NORD or ESPACE DE LOISIRS or St CYPRIEN

(St Cyprien is the beach station more in the North) until you drive on the road D81, wich is the road along the coast wich join Argelès sur Mer to St Cyprien. Driving from Argelès in the direction of St Cyprien, you will first drive on a little bridge over the little river « La Riberette », then 300 meters later on a big bridge over the big river « Le Tech », then 500 meters later you will find a roundabout with 6 exits (Argelès where you come from normally, Latour Bas Elne, St Cyprien, Aqualand and CENTRE EQUESTRE.

You have to use the little exit CENTRE EQURSTRE on this roundabout, wich is a little tarmac road for us and bicycles.

Then drive on this little tarmac road until its end and turn right under the bridge, « Chemin de Latour à Argelès ».

Mas des Albères will be 1,8km later on your left with a brown gate. Sure you will see first our horses in the fields.

In any case of problem, send me a SMS or Whatsapp 00 33 (0)6 09 06 67 00!